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Iris Van Herpen x The Corner

By Mercedes

Posted in presents an exclusive capsule collection by Iris Van Herpen, the Dutch designer whose talent and their collections go halfway between couture and ready-to-wear (to know more about the designer, check out this article)
The project stems from the evolution of collaboration between ANDAM Fashion Award and the luxury online boutique to give another chance to the winner of the prestigious award. Now available only at there is a collection of six unique creations, which have the perfect mix between craftsmanship and the use of almost futuristic, typical of the designer techniques.

“It is a great honor to celebrate the collaboration with launching an exclusive collection. The capsule collection that I have believed for Spring – Summer 2015 is inspired by lenticular clouds, the pure expression of energy and essential power of nature. “- Iris Van Herpen

Soft colors, impalpable fabrics, ethereal dresses that want to recreate the movement of light, water, the elements of nature. Luster, material effects, to recreate a contrast between light and dark, between what intangible and tangible.
All these elements are reflected in the clothes that make the capsule collection Lenticular Clouds: a coat and a short dress draping, luster; a skirt and a low cut top woven copper wire and silk; a long dress that wraps the body like a cloud of chiffon in pink antique.

IRIS VAN HERPEN exlcusively available at thecorner (4)

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