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Really cool works by the students of the Barcelona Design School IED. The BA in Fashion Design Graduates developed their final course thesis centered on the concept: “Designers of the world”. A theme that encompasses styles, languages and cultures around the world that are transmitted through fabrics, colors, patterns and surprising volumes.

The collections revolve around the ideas of interconnection and interculturality which are reflected in the design of different looks that represent the constant transformation of modern society and the world of fashion.

NIGHTTIME STORY by Ellionor Linqvist

Night and fears have served as inspiring elements of “Nighttime Story” collection. The designer recalls the moment when the lights go out and fears resurface as a ghost taking.
The designs are reminiscent of the classic sleepwear and prints adopt forms of nocturnal creatures. The pieces in the collection are characterized by the volume and layering, balancing between black infantile innocence.

iedbcn_EllinorLindqvuist iedbcn_EllinorLindqvuist2 iedbcn_EllinorLindqvuist4 iedbcn_EllinorLindqvuist5 iedbcn_EllinorLindqvuist6

URBAN TREATS by Kasia Niewiarowska

“Urban Treats” draws on the modern city, the urban fabric and architectural forms that welcome a broad unpredictable colorful and busy culture. It is a collection inspired by the summer and aimed at young women who are not afraid to show off.
Garments pay tribute to the broad cosmopolitan full range of architectural forms, proportions, lines and cuts carefully plans nals where you find many references to different cultures and subcultures: turbans, hats, scarves, parkas, jackets and even burkas. The idea is to go for comfortable clothing, large forms, very colorful as well as sports and breathable materials that blend with pleated organza to convey elegance which also boasts the urban scene.

iedbcn_KasiaNiewiarowska1 iedbcn_KasiaNiewiarowska2 iedbcn_KasiaNiewiarowska3 iedbcn_KasiaNiewiarowska4 iedbcn_KasiaNiewiarowska5 iedbcn_KasiaNiewiarowska6

THE COLLECTOR by Martin Across

Martin Across won with this collection the ModaFad prize and his work was shown at the latest 080 Barcelona Fashion.

“The Collector” reflects a link between past and present using old objects and toys adapted to the modern world. The collection aims to keep the memory alive, remodeling shape, color and material elements of classic take on new meaning in today’s world.
The silhouettes remain straight and structured forms that are mixed with excessive and bulky layers. Soft and bright colors like white, beige and turquoise contrast with each other and evoke nature. The fabrics and materials used in the design of the garments have an epoch feel and take us back in time.

iedbcn_MartinMaldonado1 iedbcn_MartinMaldonado2 iedbcn_MartinMaldonado3 iedbcn_MartinMaldonado4 iedbcn_MartinMaldonado5 iedbcn_MartinMaldonado6

HEALING by Mercedes Arnús

The collection shows the use of cuts and holes formed by layers, leaving skin as the main element of the collection. All designs are white, a color that conveys clarity and brightness and lots of textures that are combined together. “Healing” combines futuristic materials such as neoprene or mesh with other more basic as cotton or silk, and shows the contrast and breakage by overlapping and symmetrical layers.

iedbcn_MercedesArnus1 iedbcn_MercedesArnus2 iedbcn_MercedesArnus3 iedbcn_MercedesArnus4


DEMO by Natalia Sushchenko

The collection is inspired by the underground culture “Demoscene” of the late 90s formed by young computer that influenced an entire generation to consider the computer as an extension of their minds without limits. The designs refer to this generation of computer experts and their connection to the technology world.
The patterns of the garments resemble a cyber-map and fabrics mimic a graphic video pixelated. The pieces reproduce visuals waveform, skirts cascading effect and prints reminiscent techniques tight high technology. The color palette is loaded from a Web blue, while the glossy shine that dominates the collection creates a visual exuberance.

iedbcn_NataliaSushchenko1 iedbcn_NataliaSushchenko2 iedbcn_NataliaSushchenko3 iedbcn_NataliaSushchenko4 iedbcn_NataliaSushchenko5

DINO by Simone Soon Kamph

“Dino” is inspired by the ancient dinosaur movies as “The Lost World” in 1925 and “The Beast from 20,000 arms” of 1953. A film purporting to be scary and terrible but now has become funny and sarcastic by the simplicity of production. The collection tries to convey the aggressiveness that projected dinosaurs in movies through fun and irony.
Garments are large and bulkier materials are mixed with softer ones creating a contrast. The pieces in the collection are full of accessories, colors, details and textures take a handcrafted look that blends with the triangular shapes that reference the classic symbol of the dinosaur. This collection won the ‘Best of the Best’ IED award and was a finalist at the ModaFAD.

iedbcn_SimoneSoonKamphIbsen3 iedbcn_SimoneSoonKamphIbsen4

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