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Adriá Colorado “Rupestris”

By Mercedes

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Check out Adriá Colorado video “Rupestris”. Really cool graphics and concept. Adriá is an old student of mine of the Fashion Illustration class at IDEP. His sketchbooks were full of cool paranoias! I’m very happy to see how he is developing a very distinctive and unique style of graphics. Would you like a piece of this universe in your warderobe? Here is his shop!

After suggesting a trip to Le Maroc with his first collection, Adrià Colorado wants us to escape beyond our rational limits again. The exotism of the pre-historic era was appealing to the designer since a very young age and became the source of inspiration for hist latest collection. These pieces blend together the risk of adventure and imagination, the irrationality of dreaming beyond our conceptions of time and space, and the chaos and innocence of a little child when drawing for the first time. All these elements, along with an exquisite purity in lines and cuts, create a sense of serenity in the irrational, or the order in chaos. The result is a radical collection both for its visual and conceptual implications that still supports the identity of the brand–a wild exploration of exotic imagery mixing naif craftmanship with the latest digital technology.

About the film

Josep Prat Sorolla is the author of Rupestris, the fashion film that brings together all those elements in Adrià Colorado imagery. The video progresses as an elegant series of moving portraits that combine all those elements in the collection with endless visual references–from arrows or bones to more subtle symbols such as silhouettes and dynamism, embodying cave paintings. In the end, Josep Prat Sorolla manages to make us follow the designer’s order: it is impossible to decline such an invitation to escape. The viewer is immersed in Adrià’s universe: a world full of explosive color, neat images, geometry, absurdity and coherence. A world that is just as sofisticated and naif as own or fantasy.

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