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A selection of cool handmade products

By Carolina Soares

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If on one hand the use of technology in fashion is an increasingly strong movement, on the other handmade items are more and more valued. There are many reasons why this trend has succeed: the exclusivity of the piece, the richness of details, the usage of special materials, the skill of the craftsman and the time spent on each production. We selected 7 handmade garments that really are a work of art.

Anton Heunis earings, handmade in limited edition

Nicole Romano necklace and bracelet, handmade in Rhode Island and with vintage materials

Florenz scarf, numbered and made by artisans of Jaipur

Popinjay bag, made by artisans in Pakistan

Cavilani alpargatas, made ​​by artisans in northern Spain

Pima Doll top, handmade in Peru

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