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Ethical fashion – 8 Brands to watch

By Carolina Soares

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Produce without harming the environment, maximizing the resources of each place and giving opportunities to disadvantaged people. Today it may sounds like an utopia, but this concept is already a reality for many fashion companies.

We selected 8 brands that produce garments under ethical / sustainable concepts,  that are changing the classic mode of production and consumption of fashion.


Project Pietá

The idea behind the brand Pieta is quite touching: all items are produced by prisoners inside prisons of Lima, using only organic, natural and recycled materials. Each piece is unique, numbered and signed by the person who made it. The prisioners receive for the sales, allowing them to purchase basic hygiene products. In addition, each working day reduces their sentence for a full day. Worth watching the project webpage, minimalist and very well designed.



Many brands claim to be transparent, but Everlane has led this feature to another level. In their webpage is possible to see all the details of the products offered, as their real costs, the history of the factory that produced the item and the choice of suppliers. A class on how to be ethical not only with the environment, but also with consumers.


IX Style

The mission of IX Style – besides producing beautiful shoes – is providing clean water to children and communities. When buying garments of the brand consumers help to provide clean water to children, through water filtration systems, rain collection units and wells. Even the heart of this project is in Guatemala, children around the world are also benefited through international alliances.


Ace & Jig

Bold, colorful, timeless and sustainable clothing: perhaps this is the best definition for Ace & Jig. Their founders travel several times a year to India, where they work individually with the weavers to create authentic and handmade fabrics, produced with organic and recycled materials.


Pants to poverty

This courageous lingerie brand aims to maximize the social, environmental and financial benefit of the people who they relate: from farmers and factory workers in India to final users. With that, they want to show that fashion can change the world and the social business is the best option nowadays.


The White T shirt Co

A store that sells only black and white basic tees but with an important differential: all are produced with 100% organic cotton. Sustainability is in the DNA of the company, which also ensures that all production is done under the principles of ethic, social responsibility and eco-friendly.


Angela Roi

A handbag brand with vegans and ethical principles. This is the proposal of Angela Roi, which does not use animal leather in any of their garments. Another interesting idea is the “Donate by Color”, that donate $5 for specific causes according to the color of the bag purchased.



Inspired by the culture and textile diversity of world populations, Florenz has ethics and sustainability at its core, developing an annual collection of handmade scarves, limited, numbered and produced with high-end materials.

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