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Wearable Tech – 4 cool brands

By Carolina Soares

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The success of Google Glass is still uncertain, but there’s no doubt this device opened the door for a new generation of clothing and accessories. We’re talking about the “smart clothes/ jewelry”, garments that use technology and connectivity to go beyond their original function.

The main (and difficult) challenge of wearable tech is to create products with a nice esthetic – as well as functional. We selected some items that surpassed that mission and implemented this trend – considered, some time ago, as futuristic or improbable.



Created to the female audience, Ringly is a beautiful ring that vibrates and emits a small LED whenever the iphone of the user receives a call or a message. With it is possible to leave the phone inside the bag with no worries, since no notification will be lost. The tones of light and the type of vibration depend on the alert received.

The ring is made of 18K gold and can be customized by the client, who has the option to choose the stones black onyx, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone and emerald.


Bloom Necklace

To understand the usefulness of Bloom necklace is necessary to present “Shine”, a small and discreet activity tracker launched by the company Misfit Wearables, that could be coupled in the shoe or clothes. The great revolution brought by this necklace is the possibility of using the device Shine like a jewelry, since Bloom was made as an accessory to carry the monitor. A great option for those who like to use fitness accessories but keep the elegance.



The start-up Cuff works on the creation of smart accessories to protect the user. The company sells bracelets, necklaces and key chains capable of sending messages to family in case of emergency, by pressing a discreet button. Besides being an accessory for your safety, its esthetic is quite appealing.



OMSignal Smartwear

The OMSignal collection is a good example of partnership between fashion and fitness technology. Made by polyester and lycra, the clothes contain a number of sensors able to measure the user’s vital signs and send them to a smartphone. The garments are also able to warn other people about the status of the person who is wearing it.


Two other interesting examples but not yet released are the collaboration between Tory Burch and Fitbit and the Wearable Solar project, which aims to create clothes able to absorb solar energy and use it to charge devices.

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2 Thoughts to Wearable Tech – 4 cool brands

  1. tatel June 27, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Que ganas de ver mas productos de moda usando tecnología punta. Añadiria el reloj presentado en estos días por Nina García:!4QGA0

    • Mercedes June 27, 2014 at 10:45 pm

      Creo que es un antecedente magnífico tener a Nina García con este “artefacto”. Moda y tecnología ya son lo mismo, y la forma de producir debería estar enfocada sencillamente en esta dirección. Todas las marcas deberían crear prendas que protejan de la luz solar, que mantengan el calor corporal o que se auto limpien. Estos productos ya existen, el cliente tiene que empezar a solicitar este tipo de prendas, no sólo tendencia por tendencia. En mi opinión es sólo cuestión de tiempo! ;-)