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Georgina Chapman will be at the 080 Barcelona Fashion

By Lina Rodriguez

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From June 30 to July 4 Barcelona celebrates the 080 Barcelona Fashion, the event which is held twice a year is the perfect platform to meet new designers especially Catalans, who are setting trends in the city.

For this edition No. 14 the event promises to showcase the best of known names such as Custo Barcelona and Desigual, but also highlighting the new proposals from designers such as Krizia Robustella, Juanma by el Cuco and Brain & Beast among others. This year’s event will be presented in the modernist architectural enclosure of Sant Pau, aswell as it will display a series of ephemeral stores or Pop-Up stores, of fashion, footwear and accessories.

The big surprise this year is the presence of Georgina Chapman (!), designer and co-founder of Marchesa, who will be present at the opening ceremony. There will be also a special place for emergent designers called Barcelona Designers Collective that will give them the opportunity to showcase their work.

During it’s last edition 080 closed its pressroom with the interview of the Cuban designer based in New York City Isabel Toledo, who besides having participated in the runway said “Barcelona has design, but also industry and name”, concluding successfully the results given by the event.

Schedule 080 Fashion Week

Monday June 30

20:00 h: Desfile Mango

Tuesday July 1

11:00 h: Guillem Rodríguez/Georgina Vendrell

12:30 h: Escorpion 14:00 h: Desfile TCN

15:30 h: Justicia Ruano

17:00 h: Menchén Tomás

18:30 h: Sita Murt

20:30 h: Desigual

Wednesday July 2

09:30 h: Bóboli/CDN by Cóndor

11:00 h: Naulover

12:30 h: Aldomartins/Who

14:00 h: Yerse

16:00 h: Lebor Gabala/Txell Miras

17:30 h: Josep Abril

19:00 h: Desfile Miriam Ponsa

21:00 h: Desfile Custo Barcelona

Thursday July 3

12:00 h: Punto Blanco/Slazenger

13:30 h: Guillermina Baeza

16:00 h: Celia Vela

17:30 h: Zazo&Brull/Krizia Robustella

19:00 h: Natalie Capell

20:00 h: Brain&Beast

21:00 h:  Manuel Bolaño

Friday July 4

11:00 h: Juanma by El Cuco/Pablo Erroz

12:30 h: BCN Brand/ Torras

14:00 h: Scalpers

MODAFAD (18:00 h.)

Krizia_Robustella021 Custo_Barcelona_145 Custo_Barcelona_126 Custo_Barcelona_047 Brain_&_Breast_021 Brain_&_Breast_002

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