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Sputnik Zurich – Kickstarter

By Mercedes

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If you are a commuter and use a bike you may want to take part of this Swiss project. Sputnik Zurich is a brand founded by two architects, Chelsea and Stefanie, that wanted to create a product that was all about safety and design. They are currently campaigning in Kickstarter to get funds for their new Orbit Collection.

With backgrounds in architecture and design, we are constantly observing the changing city and developing new ideas to adapt to its needs. Our newest ORBIT COLLECTION is an adaptation of our original idea, handmade bags made from recycled safety vests. The brand new bags are minimized to the purest, functional design to suit the users needs: ‘Form follows function’. To meet the increased demand of our product on the market, we’ve moved production to a local facility with a major focus on resource sustainability and fair working conditions.  FROM THE CITY  —  FOR THE CITY.

Reflective bags for urban commuters designed and produced in Switzerland. Asymmetric, clean, and rational, these bags tick all the boxes of traditional Swiss modernism.

My personal note: Even when they are too practical to be super fashionable, they are so cool in their simplicity that would match every outfit. I think they are perfect for those who bike to work or have to transit in poorly illuminated areas. I also like that the bags are manufactured at a social program called BRÜGGLI  that has the mission to reintegrate mentally and physically disabled people back into normal life. This kind of initiatives make these projects extra special.


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