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Mackeene Swimwear

By Mercedes

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To enjoy the pool and the waves, the sun, the laziness and the nice company, are a few things we love about the summer, right? But I’m sure you’d be disappointed to see what you have for swimwear right now in you closet. That is why this week we will have a special focused only on cool brands, products and tips that you can use on your next holidays. I wanted to start with a recommendation for the guys.

Mackeene is a fairly new French brand that designs swim wear exclusively for men. My husband owns a pair, so I’ll talk from his experience. He has the ‘classic’ model in blue and orange and I must say that he looks great on them. He was wearing these shorts in our latest escape to the Mediterranean and he told me that what he loved the most was how fast the dry and that you can use them to have a coffee after the beach and you’ll still look sharp.

Created in 2009 by Rodolphe and Harold MacKeene this brand present a new type of ‘sophisticated beachwear’, with great design details, like the magnetic closure, the type of fabric they use and the colour combination. They have three styles, short, medium and long, which means that you can also choose yours for your water sports. And that is no accident, Rodolphe is a professional kite-surfer and after years of using ‘party-coloured swimsuits’ he thought about creating a swimsuit that suited them –chic and technical.

They sell online on their website and the package takes up to three days to arrive. With the code elfashionista55 you’ll have a 20% discount in your purchase!



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