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8 fashion shops you can’t miss in Barcelona

By Carolina Soares

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1 – KR Store Backyard

Carrer de Montsió, 6 Bis – Gótico

This small shop in the Gothic may go unnoticed for many, but if you go, you will never forget it. The designer Krizia Robustella knows how to take a risk: her “Sport Deluxe” style has a kind of “artistic license of fashion” and mixes colors, fabrics and prints that at first seems to be antagonistic. The result are shocking, funny and daring clothes – almost impossible to be described accurately. Besides selling Robustella’s collections, the store also offers monthly events related to fashion and art.


2 – Colmado

Carrer Brosoli, 5 – Born

A small street in Born hides a real treasure of fashion: Colmado store offers clothing from various designers and brands, national and international, as Manuel Bolaño, Andres Gallardo, ffiXXed, Antiann, Revisited Matters, Deux Souliers, ShoeTheBear and Wolf and Moon. Even when they bring together many styles and artistic disciplines, is remarkable the attention to quality, good design and timelessness. Besides clothes – extremely well finished and with unique details – you may also find wonderful shoes and a delicate jewelery.


3 – Ivori

Carrer de Mirallers, 7 – Born

Just a few steps from Colmado, another pleasant surprise: the Ivori shop, commanded by the designer Carola Alexandre. This cozy space, which looks more like a living room, is 100% dedicated to the Catalan design: you will find carefully selected clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. Although small, the store is full of details, and you’d easily have a great time watching their precious and delicate items. One nice thing I’ve noticed is the fact that all the clothes have a label with their technical information, such as fabric and colouring. The jewelery is especially lovely (and affordable).


4 – Colmillo de Morsa

Carrer de Vic, 15 – Gràcia

Located in Gràcia district, the store of the Catalan designers Elisabet Vallecillo and Javier Blanco certainly stands out in the fashion world. Not only for their clothes – well cut and timeless -, but also for his concept: “the beauty has infinite forms”

And that’s true: the clothes are naturally beautiful, although many times this beauty is not obvious. Another two interesting points: the collections are produced under the principles of equality and respect throughout all the supply chain and on the back of the store it’s possible to see the Colmillo’s atelier working. A true gift to those interested on the fashion’s backstage


5 – Brain & Beast

Carrer Canvìs Nous, 10 – Born

Remarkable, contemporary, fun and strong clothes – but without losing the sophistication. The designers Ángel Vilda, César Oliva and Verónica Raposo know how to make a happy meeting between reason and emotion. There you can find prints from Mickey Mouse to more discrete shirts – although nothing is considered basic. Their flagship worths the visit, if only to learn and be convinced that fashion and humor are great allies.


6 – About Arianne

Carrer de l’Esquirol, 5 – Born

If you love shoes, think twice before entering on this store: there are many temptations. The garments stand out for its authenticity: innovative designs live together with retro inspirations, but rethought and rebuilt. Here all the shoes seem to have a strong personality, but without losing the feminine charm.


7 – Natalie Cappell

Carrer de la Carassa, 2 – Born

Visiting this fashion boutique atelier is like being transported to a night in Paris in the 20s. Here, the word “special” has its best meaning. Long dresses are real works of art, hand made with tulle and silk, and decorated with antique laces. The delicacy stands out, as the care with each item and the concern with the woman’s comfort (yes, it’s possible to be dazzling and comfortable at the same time!). Although the development is rich in details, the result is elegant and with a discrete extraordinary beauty. Wedding dresses are a chapter apart (and will leave you with a desire to marry!).


 8 – Med Winds

Carrer d’Elisabets, 7 – Raval

A store created by a group of friends in the Raval neighborhood and inspired by the Mediterranean cannot leave anyone indifferent. Med Winds is a shop you have to visit. Its casual and neutral clothes translate exactly the beach mood, although in a subtle way. In each item is possible to find a special touch, either in their fabrics, or even on the buttons. The prints, when appear, are discreet and of good taste. Sometimes local artisans develop very limited specials series. It worths a visit to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean in the middle of Raval.

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5 Thoughts to 8 fashion shops you can’t miss in Barcelona

  1. Mercedes June 6, 2014 at 8:52 am

    La verdad es que la cantidad de nuevos diseñadores, marcas y tiendas en Barcelona es algo que vale la pena nombrar. En un contexto de crisis (del 2008 para aquí) han nacido muchas pequeñas empresas que espero que florezcan con la ayuda de clientes que aprecian este tipo de productos!

  2. Cinthia June 6, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    Hola, me gustó mucho el texto y quiero visitar una de las tiendas, cuando voy a Barcelona ahora en junio!

    • Mercedes June 8, 2014 at 10:25 pm

      Gracias Cinthia!

  3. Haydee Serrano June 9, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Excelente articulo que marcan tendencia en la moda, tienen mucho estilo y estan muy personalizados . Excelente buen gusto y sobre todo la delicadeza de combinar el ambiente con la ropa y accesorios

  4. Anna June 16, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    What a great post, perfect for my next trip to Barna