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3D printing – Iris Van Herpen

By Mercedes

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3D Printing is revolutionizing the world, music, art, design, science; not even something as organic as the human body is isolated from the tridimensional possibilities.

One of the designers that is embracing 3D Printing more successfully is of course Iris Van Herpen. She sees technology as a great innovation possibility for the runway world, taking advantage of the flexibility of different materials such as silicone. Van Herpen has been able to create garments in both Haute Couture and ready-to-wear that thanks to the 3D printing show the contrast between the organic shape of the human body and the structure of the new technologies.

In her work Van Herpen combines fashion and art to visually startling expression. Her garments often provide an organic and futuristic impression where silhouettes and surfaces do not follow conventional patterns of how a garment will look like, because for there the artistic expression is the focus. Van Herpens collections revolve around themes such as microorganisms, radiation, mummies, gambling, electricity and black magic.

2014 has been a great year for the designer (and for 3D printing in general). She is showing an installation at Le Bon Marche, she was invited by A Magazine curated by to curate their SS14 edition:

Inspiration is a matter of sensitivity. It is the ability to collect from the past, present and future as they shift past us simultaneously. In this issue of A Magazine I want to affirm the importance of alliance and fraternisation, to transgress the experiential boundaries of those versatile relationships that are the catalysts for true inspiration. Iris Van Herpen

And her spectacular walk-in sculptures are currently available to be seen in two exhibitions: at the Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden and as part of the Vanitas: Fashion and Art exhibition at the Bass Museum in Miami.

You can actually buy these amazing creations at her webshop or at The Corner. You’ll  just need deep pockets!

iris-van-herpen-exhibition5 iris-van-herpen-exhibition4 iris-van-herpen-exhibition3 iris-van-herpen-exhibition2

The images are from her AW14 collection called Biopiracy. The video shows Lou Stoppard, Nick Knight, Carri Munden, Paula Goldstein and Hettie Judah discussing the Iris Van Herpen Biopiracy show live on 4 March 2014[gap height=”30″] [vc_video link=””] [gap height=”30″]


The following images are from the Borås exhibition, courtesy of Sanjin Đumišić from the Swedish site AlltFö [gap height=”30″]iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-13-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-12-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-11-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-10-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-9-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-8-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-7-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-6-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-3-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-5-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-4-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-2-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-1-photo-sanjin-dumisic iris-van-herpen-textilmuseet-15-photo-sanjin-dumisic

This post was made in collaboration with Lina María Rodríguez @nagotsign

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