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All in white

By Mercedes

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[dropcap_sty color=”” back=”” font_weight=”normal/bold”]W[/dropcap_sty]ear white always makes me feel full of energy. I know, some people may say that red is the colour for that, but I would say that is the colour if you want to feel self-confident for example. White is fresh, is clean, is new, is neutral. And you know what? Sometimes neutral is good. Neutral means you can play with accessories and make-up to add hints on your mood, or just let the colour of your skin be the protagonist. White can be quite sexy if you ask me.

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Even when white is not a trend in itself, I must say that I have seen lately many editorials inspired by this non-colour. We’ve seen great inspiration in the collections by ACNE Studios, Band of Outsiders, Louise Goldin or Isabel Marant to wear it in different ways: more structured, minimalistic or romantic.

We found some garments that are now in our wishlist, here they are:

Sunglasses Courreges

Dress Mango

Shoulder bag Rebecca Minkoff

Boho Bag Christopher Kon

Sandals Birkenstock

Sandals Tibi


If the ‘Total white’ is too much for you, just play with colour and accessories!  A summery dress will come to live with plenty of colourful touches like statement bracelets, hot pink pumps and oversized earrings.


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