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Jää by Lula Swimsuits

By Mercedes

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To find independent swimwear brands is not the easiest thing, but lately I’ve found several interesting new labels that offer a more unique approach to bikinis and one pieces. Jää by Lula is one of them. The brand was created by Lula Pubill Masó in 2012 after her graduation (and award for best collection) of the Felicidad Duce fashion School of Barcelona.

Lula designs her bathing suits with lycra tulle, a rare material in the swimwear, which makes them more delicate and feminine. She produces limited editions in Barcelona. As inspiration, she often deal with themes related to the environment, universe, nature, etc.. Having sustainability in mind, she uses organic cotton bags as packaging instead of plastic ones. 2014 The new collection is called “JellyFish”. As the name suggests, it refers to jellyfish and these are the source of inspiration for these feminine  swimsuits.

EF-What is your ideal holiday destination?
JBL-Any beach away from the crowds. But always with the best company!

EF-What is your perfect swimsuit?
JBL-One piece swimsuit with a sexy open back. The swimsuit slims much more than a bikini, something that many women ignore. There are more daring and modern designs that are close to trikini and still retain the elegance of a swimsuit.

EF-would you recommend to someone who is looking for new bathing suit?
a) If you have big breasts, it is best to use, both in a bikini and swimsuit, triangle or halter neckline. Use the ones that have support
b) Little Chest: Any neckline will do it, but if the top is stuffed,  you’ll look more feminine.
c) Separate Boobs: Bustier neckline.
d) To hide belly: Definitely a one piece, if the neckline is pronounced you’ll get a better effect. Dark colors stylize your figure.
e) Wide Hips: Knickers or whole wide culotte type swimsuits with plunging necklines.
f) Low Hip: Brief tied low on the side or trikini.
g) Enhance your bottom: Brief shirred in the back.
h) If you are short, use a bikini small pieces, like a mini triangle low panties. If you prefer a swimsuit one piece, plunging necklines and straps crossed in back enhance and stylize your figure.
i) Long-waisted girl: Use any type bikinis bustier or crop top, very on trend.

What do you think? Do you like to innovate with swimwear? Or you go with the traditional black?


 Catálogo-Jää-by-Lula-2014-2 Catálogo-Jää-by-Lula-2014-3 Catálogo-Jää-by-Lula-2014-4 Catálogo-Jää-by-Lula-2014-5 Catálogo-Jää-by-Lula-2014-6 jellyfishjaabylula

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