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Night at the casino

By Mercedes

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What to wear for a night out can be a bit difficult sometimes. And if you decided to go to the casino for a game of roulette or a poker, there are many things you need to have in mind. Who are you going with and where? Places like Vegas accept more relaxed styles than let’s say, Monaco. Think also about your reasons for going, you may want to go just for the dance and music, or simply as an spectator. Either way going to the casino is a great night out or it is always fun to look the part too.

Little black dresses look great in a casino as they can be fashionable and classy at the same time. Do remember to keep them relatively modest though and not too revealing as this kind of thing can get you turned away at the door.
In the summer a maxi dress can both keep you cool and look very elegant. Some sparkly long earrings and a statement clutch bag will add some glamour to a summery day outfit.
If you tend to be more understated with your style, then that can workjust as well. Trouser suits, skirt and blouse combos and even smart jeans and blazers can be very effective for nailing the ‘smart casual’ look.

How about the guys? Well, the eternal suit and tie will do it of course, but why not try some other smart options, like a tailored blazer and slim fit chinos or even jeans! Just try to avoid wrinkles and the too casual look. Sweatpants and sporty T-shirts just doesn’t cut it.

As always, the bottom line is to look smart, fresh and appropriate. There is no ‘casino dress code’ to follow, so follow your instinct and the mood of the night. And if the latter says “pajamas”, try some chips…online.

Dress Acne Studios

Clutch Charlotte Olympia

Bracelet Mara Carrizo

Ring Kelly Wearstler

Shoes Helmut Lang


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2 Thoughts to Night at the casino

  1. Jennine May 21, 2014 at 3:54 am

    When my husband came back from his first trip to Vegas, his words: “Vegas is not Monaco.” Ha! Although I’ve never been to Monaco, one could imagine this would be a great outfit. And that EYE clutch! Only Charlotte Olympia could make something so cute and refined at the same time. Great picks, Mer!

    • Mer May 21, 2014 at 9:56 am

      Thanks Jen! How nice to see you here! I’m developing a weakness for Charlotte Olympia’s accessories…an expensive one! x