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Nuovum, upcoming designers

By Mercedes

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Nuovum is the online equivalent of a hip pop-up showroom. They select carefully each piece, offering the customers a beautifully curated shop. Independent and young designers, the brands you will find are in perfect synergy with this blog aesthetics. Favourites like El Colmillo de Morsa, Ida Johansson, A Couple, Deux Souliers, Begoña Noya, Who, Elena Gallego, ppi, Krizia Robustella, just to name a few, are all names that we have been following from their beginnings, and that here they are beautifully showcased. Don’t miss the jewellery section!





Images with styles by Colmillo de Morsa, Who, Selim de Somavilla, Fahrenheit

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1 Thought to Nuovum, upcoming designers

  1. straphalariolist October 23, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Apostamos por ellos.