New York based label Revisited, presents for next SS14 its most conceptual collection. This multidisciplinary team, which came together as a response to the saturation of mass production, the fast-design and excess in general, was inspired this time by the Japanese tradition of Kintsukuroi, which consists of repairing ceramics with a lacquer containing gold or silver.

Coinciding perfectly with the philosophy of Revisited, they decided to translate this technique / philosophy ( if it was broken , it’s beautiful) to the garments. For example, one 40s foulard is “repaired” or sack fabric pieces are embroidered with golden raffia thread. With unusual dyed and embroidered textures they study the crackle in ceramics. Jetske Visser collaborated creating hand-dyed foulards that seems that the ink has cracked and stopped when in contact with silk. As always they also added a series of robust and unique necklaces, in collaboration with the brand Choses .

I can not help but thinking that it’s an extremely inspiring philosophy carried on a daily basis. How often do we look in the mirror and wished to erase that scar in our body? Not to mention the scars of the soul…How poetic to wear garments that remind us to embrace does details that make everyone of us so unique.

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