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ANNA KATHRYN GREGOR “Keep distance!”

By Mercedes

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Come close but not too much. Maybe that’s a common feeling today. Should I trust you? Should I let you in? I loved the concept of this collection by Anna Kathryn Gregor, a ZUYD university student. Keep distance! Is inspired by a text of Arthur Schopenhauer in which he compares the behavior of porcupines with human society and  that reflects on human behavior in private and public spaces. She adds to the idea a technological process in which special thermal ink responds on body heat, adding to the transitional character of the collection

Schopenhauer describes the human need for both affection and protection. People avoid getting hurt by trusting only their inner circle with their deepest wishes, dreams and feelings.

“Keep your distance! Because I’m not willing to divulge myself because I don’t know if you are worth it.”

The natural armour of the porcupine inspired this collection of deformed body shapes and the usage of elements of safety clothes. The process of metamorphosis of the porcupine is depicted in layers of clothing. Layers of wool, silk, cotton combined with big sculpted fake fur showpieces, build a layer of safety around the body. More layers equal more protection.

In my opinion, clothes are protection, but in the end, they always expose who you are and who you are with. And that’s actually one of the most fun qualities of fashion!

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1 Thought to ANNA KATHRYN GREGOR “Keep distance!”

  1. straphalariolist October 8, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    A great life with this collection.