Martin Lamothe – “Water Olympics” SS14

September 17, 2013

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Elena Martin, designer of Martin Lamothe, was inspired by the water from a very particular perspective: the pools and the universe that surrounds competition. The wet effect is created by the way the textiles have been treated (organzas, cottons, silks that look absolutely different) and the palette of greens and blues prints.

The powerful silhouettes are inspired by the fitted bodies of the swimmers. (Interesting that Tom Ford said of his latest collection was inspired by “strong women who can rip your head of with their adductors”. Is the athletic body having a comeback?).

The shoes are from the first collection of the brand and glasses, sports-inspired and retro, are by the Austrian brand Andy Wolf .


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2 Responses to “Martin Lamothe – “Water Olympics” SS14”

  1. Clara Says:

    La verdad que con los tejidos que utilizaron en la ropa si se refleja bastante bien el efecto agua, al ver las fotos da la sensacion que estuviera en constante movimiento la ropa.


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