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Way Out West 2013

By Mercedes

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Three days of music in Göteborg, Sweden and we are going! Since its inception the Way Out West festival stands out for their extra work to present artists who normally do not act at festivals or have not acted in a while. In 2007 Kanye West performed (keep in mind that in 2007, West wasn’t quite the superstar that he is today), in 2010 Pavement and Wu-Tang Clan (all members), in 2011 Prince. The billboard of last year was amazing with Blur and no less than Kraftwerk‘s appearing.

This year the festival goes big and out of the boundaries of the Slottskogen park, the traditional and whimsical headquarters and there will be stages all over the city. Among others, the shows include Cat Power, Neil Young, Bat for LashesGrimes, Alicia Keys, Phosphorecense, Goat, The Knife… and not only music, but art, design and vj sessions are part of the combo. We just can’t wait.

Göteborg 8-10 August 2013


Feist Kraftwerk Black-Keys Kraftwerk2 Krafwerk-  Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809004  Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809010 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809012 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809020 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809032 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809034 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809035 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809036 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809042 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809049 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809051 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120809058 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810233 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810236 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810252 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810256 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810257 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810258 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810259 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810264 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810265 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810266 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810267 Foto_Claudia_Kent20120810270 IMG_0931 IMG_0957 IMG_0960 IMG_0991 IMG_0997 IMG_1072 IMG_1076 IMG_1093 IMG_1101 Foto_Claudia_Kent-IMG_8765

Photos of last year’s edition by Claudia Kent / Way Out West /Christer Hedberg / Way Out West /Johan Bernström / Way Out West

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1 Thought to Way Out West 2013

  1. straphalariolist August 9, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Disfrutad Göteborg es una fantástica ciudad.