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Elegant and modern are two words that well describes the Perret Schaad spring collection. The designer duo yesterday presented their new spring/summer 2014 collection at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. A colour palette ranging from airy and misty nuances to clear luscious colours paired with beautiful summery and light fabrics like linen, cotton and flowing silk is a recipe for a successful urban collection.


SS14_PerretSchaad_034SS14_PerretSchaad_085 SS14_PerretSchaad_092 SS14_PerretSchaad_104 SS14_PerretSchaad_116 SS14_PerretSchaad_126 SS14_PerretSchaad_136 SS14_PerretSchaad_070 SS14_PerretSchaad_174 SS14_PerretSchaad_193 SS14_PerretSchaad_202 SS14_PerretSchaad_215 SS14_PerretSchaad_231 SS14_PerretSchaad_243 SS14_PerretSchaad_258 SS14_PerretSchaad_266 SS14_PerretSchaad_164 SS14_PerretSchaad_020 SS14_PerretSchaad_028

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  1. straphalariolist July 6, 2013 at 4:18 am

    Huyendo del negro. Francamente optimista. Go ahead.