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Sunpocket X Colette

By Mercedes

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Sunpocket X Colette 1

The Swedish sunglasses brand Sunpocket have been popular in the acclaimed Paris concept store Colette. So, they decided to make an exclusive design together. The result: A pair of bold and striking unisex shades in the classic Colette blue colour. The design is based on the classic Sunpocket II, with Colette´s logo on the right side of the frame and Sunpocket´s on the left.

Conceived 25 years ago to be used while skiing or any other activity that takes place under the sun, they have 100% UVA protection and since they were designed to used during physical activities they are lightweight and foldable. In 2011 Sunpocket was re-launched by swedish entreprenuer Jacob Höglund, after he fell in love
with a pair of vintage Sunpocket glasses left by his father in their ski cottage. The sunglasses are manufactured on the paradise island of Mauritius.

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Sunpocket X Colette 2

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