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Wonderworld Fur by Boudicca

By Mercedes

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Even though the trend in countries like China, South Corea or Russia is to use more and more fur (U.S. exports of mink pelts to China jumped to a record $215.5 million last year according to Reuters), I’m happy to see that there is a counter trend on this. In collaboration with WWF France, Boudicca (the London designer’s collective) designed a limited edition faux fur collection. The eco-new line of clothing and accessories made from the fur of imaginary animals (like the Bufaloon) is now available online and the proceeds will go towards financing the protection of endangered animal species. 

And well, no, the garments are not made of polyester. Wonder World Fur products are actually made of mohair. The imitation fur is made from natural fibres that meet European environmental standards such as standard EN 71, which guarantees the absence of paint and other solvents. The silk is Eri Silk, the only silk in the world that does not require the silkworms to be killed (it takes about 3,000 silkworms to make a pound of silk). The lining is made from linen, another natural fibre, produced in Belgium for Wonder World Fur. Everything is assembled in a small factory in Germany, which specializes in working with imitation fur, in order to limit shipping distances as much as possible.

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