Benu Berlin-”8 Acts of Rebellion”

January 21, 2013

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Decomposing  350 T-shirts, 60 Jeans and 4 leather sofas, the young German brand Benu Berlin has created an interesting eco friendly collection, transforming old and ordinary materials “into expressive textures to demonstrate respect for their production and sources they are made of”. The most produced garments in the world such as t-shirts and jeans, are also the most thrown away. So the question is: is there a way to turn this cycle around? Anna Bach and Karen Jessen propose with their concept “street couture” to “upcycle” the garments and extend the lives of streetwear clothes by transforming them into couture garments with handcraft techniques such as macramé.

For the designers it’s very important to build a community around this idea “We do not create behind closed doors, we represent transparency and interactive design. As we just started two months ago we are now looking for a space for our “living showroom” where everybody is welcome to develop ideas with us, to see their old clothes transform or just have a nice talk.” commented to me Anna Bach. An inspiring concept and great starting point to make our wardrobe more sustainable.
Here is the video of their show at the Berlin Fashion Week last week.


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One Response to “Benu Berlin-”8 Acts of Rebellion””

  1. October Textiles Says:

    Fantastic use of T-shirts and jeans. Recycling at its best. Very impressive finish. Thank you for the post.