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Illustrated highlights of beauty ads from Guerlain

By Mercedes

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Since we started the year with drawn fashion, why not talk about a bit more about the importance of illustration, for example, in beauty advertising! Illustration, cosmetics and perfume were a tandem that went hand in hand until not so long ago. If we take a peek into the archives of emblematic brands we can find a rich heritage of art posters.

In the history of the make-up and perfume brand The House of Guerlain’s for example, art posters forms a fundamental part of its marketing. In its 186 years of existence, illustrated ads have always played an important role . Since the creation of the first lipstick tube Ne m’oubliez pas in 1870, red lips became a key part of the make-up routine. Illustrated advertising presented a strong and sensual woman, something that at that time, perhaps would have been impossible to show in photographs. Lets take for example the works of Lyse Darcy. The illustrator created countless ads for the brand between 1930 and 1950 and established a style for makeup and perfume advertising using illustrations. The illustrations for the red lipstick Rouge Automatique is a good example of the cool classicism of the Art Decó style. A style that not only influenced illustrations and presenting the femme fatale of the interwar period. It also influenced the very appearance of the lipstick, the stick without cover. Women began to paint their lips with one only gesture and one hand, giving birth to the epitome of femininity.

It is also in the 30s when skin products are developed by Guerlain, like tanning lotions, foundations and moisturizing creams. All of these are present in the works of illustrators such as Vassi, Léonard, E. Darcy, Charnotet, Mik and Nikasinovich and René Gruau. Products that we still enjoy today, for example Olivier Echaudemaison’s Rouge Automatique reinterpretation of the iconic lipstick or the flagship perfume Shalimar.





Hemos comenzado este año con ilustración, así que porqué no hacer un repaso por los fantásticos diseños de estos anuncios ilustrados de los años 30s. En sus 186 años de existencia, la casa Guerlain ha presentado sus productos de la mano de algunos de los mejores ilustradores de moda de la época como Vassi, Léonard, E. Darcy, Charnotet, Mik and Nikasinovich o René Gruau

Anunciando productos como Rouge Automatique en el típico estilo art decó de los años 30s (hoy reinterpretado por Olivier Echaudemaison) presentaban mujeres fuertes e independientes, típicos del tiempo de entreguerras. Anuncios que en el caso de Guerlain se mantienen vigentes por la longevidad de sus productos. La marca sigue apostando por la ilustración, como fué el ejemplo este año con Le Petit Robe Noir, su nuevo perfume. Ojalá veamos más y más este tipo de anuncios!

“La Petit Robe Noir” 2012


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