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June 6, 2012

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Geek can be chic, it’s simple as that! There are many brands out there that are creating stylish and practical accessories for all our gadgets. Here are some of them:

Llevar gadgets y tener estilo. Existen muchas marcas que están creando diseños interesantes para llevar el iPad o tu MacBook. Aquí les traigo algunas de mis favoritas: Mujjo, Unit Portables, Travelteq, French Totters, Nedrelow, Bray Brothers…

Almost a classic now, Unit Portables is a smart system of bags that can be customized for your needs. From €99

Mujjo is the Dutch brand behind the popular touchscreen gloves to browse the iPhone. Now they launched a new collection of crafted-by-hand sleeves that have specifically been made to fit the Apple devices. Made in wool felt and leather, they are stylish at a great price, starting at €34

Travelteq has a great selection of travel accessories that worth take a look. I love their collection of laptop bags. From €450

Bleu de Chauffe teamed up with FrenchTrotters this summer and launched an exclusive line with outdoor inspiration. This Ipad case is perfection. €175

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”, to quote Da Vinci. These sharp cases simulating a book are elegant and smart at the same time. Available at nedrelow.com for €85 aprox.

The iPad case to blog from Fashion Week. This stylish item by Proenza Shouler comes with a price tag: €540

This bag wasn’t specially designed to fit any gadget, but I’d like to use it’s retro feeling to carry my laptop. Available at Merchant & Mills for 60€ aprox.

Costumize your own leather iPad case with Lacambra. Made in Spain. From €115


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3 Responses to “Tech Accessories – Accesorios Tecnológicos”

  1. Daiany Pickler Says:

    Amo acessórios,principalmente quando ele é funcional!adorei essa peça Unit Portables! bjs bjs

  2. Anna Says:

    inspiring selection, thanks

  3. Fundas Samsung Says:

    Sin duda los accesorios forman parte de nuesto estilo, por lo que debemos cuidarlos y combinarlos con el resto de nuestro look! Por suerte hoy en dia tenemos muchos accesorios donde elegir!